Demand of Top Web Development Companies in India

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top web development companies in india

Creative web design is a necessary condition to compete on the Internet. It is possible if and only if you have advance new technologies. Today, responsive web designing is highly in demand.The responsive design, responsive or adapted to all devices is increasingly common to display a web page optimally regardless of the size of the device screen technique.  This way of presenting our website to the world is becoming more widespread, and as the Internet can be accessed from a higher number of devices, responsive design will become increasingly important.

More than half of the web pages has a responsive design and in the future, this figure will increase. These top web development companies in India, committed to innovation and the use of new market technologies.

Quickly the mobile has been placed on the first access to the Internet. Its popularization in the last decade at all levels of society has made responsive design mandatory for any company that wants to have an excellent online presence.

Therefore mentioned responsive design or adaptive design adapts the visualization of the Web content to the resolution of the screen that is being used, rearranging its modules according to the dimensions of the device. This way you do not need mobile versions or Apps.

For online shoppers, it is a decisive factor since 68% positively valued that the contents of the Web are adapted.

Given this change, all the top web designing companies that dedicate themselves to Web Design.

On the other hand, companies cannot forget to optimize an E-Mail to the visualization from mobile devices because according to another study, 70% of users delete an E-Mail, if they open it on a mobile device and cannot read it.

The advantages of responsive design are many:

1.Cost reduction (since we only have to make one version)

2.More unified image.

  1. Improve SEO Positioning (since Google values positively if a Web looks good on Smartphone).
  2. Facilitate the analysis of the results.
  3. Improve user experience (User Experience or UX).
  4. Continuity of the client-web relationship: the client visualizes the Web from different devices (Work PC, mobile, tablet, home PC etc).

However, this does not imply that the difference between professional web design and the creation of a web page by a non-professional remains the same, or even higher, since the general level of the websites has increased, and therefore both make the difference between your competitors is increasingly more complicated.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we can say that you can choose to create a website for yourself, use templates, as there are many and very good, although the depth of field and the value offered by a real web design professional in most cases deserve a penalty and it ends up being determined. Your website entirely depends upon the creativity of the web designer. If your web site is good looking and informative, definitely it will attract more traffic. If this task is not your cup of tea, you can search the best company from the top leading IT listing portal & hire web development professionals.

Top Mobile App Development Trends For 2019 & Beyond

top mobile app development companies in india
mobile app development company

Mobile applications have been improving the lives of humans continuously. Even the market professionals believe that mobile app development is one of the fastest growing industries. With new technological innovations coming daily, it’s not wrong to say that 2019 will be a great one for the businesses and common people. so be wise when you choosing mobile app development company for your dream project.

1.Cloud Computing

Cloud is still considered to be the great option because it enhances loading capacity, lower costs in hosting, and also streamline business tasks. Now this fast and reliable technology is fixing the security-related worries of many companies. By using cloud innovations like AWS, DropBox, etc., the developers can create robust apps which run directly on the cloud.

Future Trends:

-Advancement of cloud solutions and services

-Quantum computing

-Hybrid cloud solutions

2.Internet of Things

IoT is considered as one of the game-changing technology in the era of mobile development. It is a network of social objects that are embedded with the electronics, software, sensors that are all interconnected within the network itself.

Future Trends:

-Self-driving cars

-IoT in healthcare

-Routers equipped with additional security

-Smart homes

3.Mobile Wallets

The use of mobile wallets is going to rise in 2019. They usually offer a high level of secured encryption in almost every application.

Future Trends:

-Contact-less payments

-A large number of wallet users

-Highly secure wallets


There are plenty of industries that use beacon technology including healthcare, hotels, museums, etc. In the retail sector, beacons when blended with IoT help users to grab valuable details regarding sales and also improve current promos.

Future Trends:

-AI-enabled chips

-Beacon treasure hunting

-Automated machine learning

-Mobile payments beacons

 5.On-demand Apps

On-demand apps were once called the most successful business model of the mobile development industry. Almost all mobile app development companies in India have started using this technology. People nowadays like to use on-demand services, and it’s clear this trend will stay here with us for many years.

Future Trends:

-More companies will use on-demand apps

-More focus will shift toward B2B sector


Blockchain development has opened new and interesting opportunities in the IT sector. They are typically used to make smart contracts and cryptocurrencies only. But in reality, they are more beneficial that you can ever think. This cutting-edge technology can also be used to build decentralized mobile apps (they are the applications that is not allowed to access by anyone. Plus it’s also impossible to shut it down nor it has any downtime).

Future Trends:

-Blockchain as service

-Trading on cryptocurrencies exchange

-Asset tokenization

-Crypto gaming

7.Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are great, and in 2019, their use is not limited to the gaming apps anymore. The technology experts are already developing lots of new use cases for both. It means that it’s going to be a big game changer in the near future. For example, social media giants like Snap-chat have unveiled AR filters that can convert any human face into different funny characters.

Future Trends:

-AR in healthcare, manufacturing, advertising, and marketing sector

-Mobile AR disruption


Wearable sector is facing a big rage with time. Today, the primary control panel of any wearable device is the smartphone which means that these devices work only when paired and that too when the phone is near you.

Future Trends:

-A boost in the sale of wearable watches will lower sale of traditional timepieces

-This technology claims to the first position in the fitness trends 2019

Web Development Companies in India: 6 Danger Signs to look into a Web Development Team

There is no limit on picking custom web development services online. Also, not all custom website design services are the same as some are just a waste of time money and energy. The best Web Development Companies in India gives a boost to your development project, so it is vital that you select the best team. Also, let’s check out the developer behaviors that you should not ignore before hiring them.


1. Arrogance

It is a bad trait for any professional, but it can be an even more destructive in the development. Arrogant development teams value their own expertise above the opinions of their clients. It is hard to work with these teams as they let you spend your valuable time and resources more.


2. Disorderliness

Custom website design is a structured method which needs a clear sense of organization. Web development teams that are not well organized well tend to forget essential meetings, miss deadlines and deliver the messy code to the clients. But the best Web Development Companies in India do not have any disarray in their work.



3. Lack of Knowledge

Building custom web projects take time and repetition to become master. The team without a broad experience working on different projects will get quickly swamped by the problems.


4. No Professionalism

A lot of web development teams consist of the young developers without having a professional website design and development experience. However, they may be skilled as developers, but the lack of professionalism may hugely make a significant impact on the deadlines and also slow the momentum of your project. So, it is best to look for the team that treats you and your project with the professional respect.


5. Miscommunication

Usually, you will see the web development team is available at the beginning of the project. After the check-in meetings get over, they slowly stop the communication. While it is not right to expect frequent contact from best Web Development Companies in India, regularly scheduling calls or meetings are the great way to create transparency.

Web Development Companies in Noida


6. Minimal Bandwidth

Few web development teams focus on the quantity over quality by taking a lot of web development projects at once to boost their earnings. Depending on the team size, it can affect the quality of the projects. So, always look to hire the teams that can give the attention to your product which it deserves.

If you are finding the top Web Development Companies in Noida, then it the best idea to get started with Top Web India. This agency offers you the legitimate list of elite firms for your development project without charging any fees.


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How Top Digital Marketing Companies in India Grow your Agency Fast?

Multiple digital firms across India have made a mark internationally among the major agencies as the reliable partners. These are experts firms in the digital marketing campaigns with a lot of experience and domain knowledge which can help to get the outstanding results in less time.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in India is famous widely for the prompt services they offer and the unmatched results. People realize this fact well and thus rush towards the best in the business.

1. Best Digital Marketing

Everything is connected to the internet, and a lot of people realize the benefit of any promoting any specific product or service through the web. The digital marketing trend is continually changing. Also, these professionals know how to target the audience in the way that they get lured into being interested in what the agency has to offer.

2. Complete Effectiveness

Similar to the traditional marketers, the professional digital gang profoundly achieves the vision of the company. To enhance the market shares, these marketing agents at the top Digital Marketing Companies in India target the customers specifically. But this was not the case with old means of marketing.

Furthermore, the cost factor is much less with the internet. The boosted effectiveness and convenience of the modern marketing methods have guaranteed that even the small agencies can dream big with their tight budgets.

3. Work with Full Confidence

Confidence is the very first thing to have when you work in a team. You don’t want to trust anyone boldly. That’s why the best digital marketing companies in India have the team of most reliable and loyal people you can ever get to offer marketing support.

With the passage of time, you will be able to assess that this was one of the best decision on the part of the management of the company to work with the best digital marketing folks. There is nothing to compare when you hire an expert.

If you want the list of top digital marketing Companies in India to plan your online marketing tricks efficiently, then look no further than ‘Top Web India.’ These handpicked firms manage the online reputation well on various platforms and provide successful conversions for your business.

How Top SEO Companies in India help Business Grow Fast?

In this digital world, every business needs to be well set on the web. All the small to large scale firms need to have a strong presence online to sustain and grow in their respective domain. So that is why the best digital marketing comes to rescue as they play a significant role in enhancing the business of plenty of organizations. Without this type of support, no company can target the potential customers in a right way. Client satisfaction, business development, and income maximization are the core goals of the top internet marketing firms.

The very first step to promote any business is to make a site which offers full information and facts about it. A lot of digital marketing agencies do it for their end users. The developers and business analyst know its importance and analyze the demands of clients thoroughly. The top SEO companies in India make sure that the web portal is user-friendly, hack-proof, and aesthetically pleasing to the users. If it is an e-commerce website, parameters like revenue tracking, product descriptions, etc. are noted down.


SEO: It is the procedure of optimizing a site or web page to get better ranking in the popular Search Engines for its targeted keywords. It is a solid strategy and a vital part of the digital marketing process. White hat SEO techniques are used to bring the best search results, and it also removes the technical errors from the website.


Social Media:  It is the one of the low cost and fast method used by the top SEO companies in India to reach customers. It also helps to create brand awareness too. It involves getting traffic or audience attention via social media platforms. A lot of business also uses social media pages. It also helps to interact with the clients and meets their demands. Many Internet marketing firms also create mobile apps for the clients for the PDA and mobile devices. Few of the users need a tailored mobile application for the business along with a site.

ORM: Online Reputation Management includes managing the client-related information on the web. Negative things displaying up online can ruin your positive reputation which results in the business growth.

PPC: A lot of top SEO companies in India use this method to bring the site of the client in the top search results. PPC analysts create strong campaigns which operate for a specific time.  When any user clicks the ad, it sends the visitor to the business site, but the client has to pay the search engines a tiny fee.

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Business Related Emails

They are sent to the customers to make them aware of the business move or new scheme. It is an economical way to market the business. These emails are crisp, descriptive and have amazing graphics. The marketers make sure that these emails don’t land in the spam folder of the receiver. They are designed mainly for mobile and desktop devices.

There are a lot of other services such as content management, retargeting, affiliate management, link building, etc. that the top SEO companies in India offer.  The best brands depend on them to take their business to reach new heights.

Top Web India is one of the top Web Development Companies in India which help you find the authentic companies for your web development, digital marketing, web design, and app development project at low rates.


4 Major Challenges in Enterprise Mobile App Development

Untitled design (3) 1. Organizing the good Enterprise Mobile App Development Team

The most significant challenge the firms face in their mobile app development process is a gap. Mobile needs a diverse set of controls as compared to the web or other old IT systems. Many enterprises don’t have the experience in-house, and thus, they need to source skilled developers who can fill these gaps. Sourcing talent and maintaining a development team is hard and high cost too.

Hiring and keeping best organization mobile app development talent is another biggest challenge for organizations worldwide. To eliminate this problem lot of enterprises have opted to pursue a combined sourcing model. Few get outsourced to an experienced and top mobile app development company in India, but some get used internally.

  2.Back-End Integration

User Interface was another challenge which the mobile app teams face, but well-managed back-end integration can help a lot. The new problems are less about how to build an appealing UI, but instead, how to link and combine mobile apps with the public APIs, backend resources, and usually desperate a systems set. A lot of teams are doing mobilization well, while a lot of experienced mobile app development providers have this down to a science.

With the advancement of technology, the integration plays a significant role. As long as the best mobile app development companies in India keep an eye on the expertise instead than the particular app, platform, or device, they will be set to build and deliver the best mobile solutions.

Untitled design (4)

 3. Device Fragmentation via BYOD

The device fragmentation issue is the new challenge in the organization app development. The rush in Bring Your Device policies has enforced the mobile enterprise applications to be fabricated to accommodate a lot of mobile devices. It simply means one size must fit all.

Thus, there are many steps that the mobile developers can follow in the testing and development process to optimize mobile enterprise applications on many different platforms. Another way is to examine the most probable platforms on which your mobile enterprise application would run. You also need to strengthen the methods of enterprise mobile app development for every platform to make sure that the mobile app has full consistency and high functionality.

  1. Enterprise Security

When creating a mobile enterprise app in tune with the demand of your customer, it is essential that the best mobile app development companies in India focus on the security of the app as any flaw could ruin the entire organization. The best to lower such chances is to make sure that your mobile app developers are aware of the security issue which could create a disaster.

If you want to make professional and creative mobile app for your business or organization, then pick ‘Top Web India’ for the high-quality mobile application for the platform of choice within the short time frame and low cost. For example, if you are finding the elite mobile app development companies in Bangalore then our free portal offers you a hand-picked list of the right and legitimate partner for the development process in that region.



5 Signs that you have Picked the Best SEO Company in India

As a lot of local clients are going online to search the local businesses, many agencies are gearing up to make their business visible online. So, the increasing need for the best SEO Services in India comes ahead as the best tool.

SEO is a form of marketing which is more about making details available to the interested audience instead of trying to annoy or distract them. The end users look at the search engine results or ads, and then accidentally click them if they find the relevant links useful as per their demands and goals. So, check out the following signs will help you understand whether you have picked the right firm or not.

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 1. They Genuinely Understand your Business

Your company wholly knows your business type, objectives, market-place, business model, USP, industry, target customers, and goals. Plus, your SEO marketing trick depends on this understanding. They have a robust knowledge of internet marketing and SEO

Unlike the doubtful ones, the best SEO companies in India didn’t wrap up with the vague definitions and few SEO jargons. They explain SEO to you openly and how they will work.

  1. They Analyze your Site before Working

A good SEO company will carry out an initial audit of your site for the technical issues, the number of inbound links, indexation problems, and will look at your past online profile along with site analytics insights. Only then they will make a plan for the growth and spontaneity.

  1. Focus on Conversions and Rankings

The top SEO firm knows that a high Google page rank is not valuable without a site conversion strategy which means the visitors stick to your site will go away if you avoid it.

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  1. Offer Guaranteed Results

The best SEO companies in India will offer you regular reports on the progress of the project and provides the short-term benchmarks without failing.

5. Stay Updated with the New Technologies

In this dynamic online marketing industry, the professional SEO agency remains at the top of the current technological developments. They are like the passionate learners of this big game.

Top Web India is one of the top 10 SEO companies in India that offer you the list of best SEO companies in India at rock bottom rates. These legitimate agencies provide high-quality support and services needed for SEO success.

TITLE: 5 Best Tricks to Track Progress of Your Business Mobile App

Untitled design (4)

With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of opportunities for the business tycoons to engage their clients in a more alluring way using mobile applications. But with the increasing competitions in this domain, it is tough to find out how your app is reaching your customers and how effectively they can use it to move your business to the next level. So, check out the best ways to track the app success.

  1. Session Length

Although the primary parameter of each application, length per session of use help to identify how far your app is luring users. Varying with diverse kind of users and in their aim of the visit, when estimated correctly, it shows you a clear picture of the customer involved with the application and what they want from it. So, the best mobile app development companies in India must consider this parameter. 

  1. Usage Rate

If more people are using the application, it means they are getting more advanced from it. An app that offers well-defined solutions to the user has its success affirmed as the customers will be using it.

Thus, estimating the usage rates allow the owners know the primary engagement metric of their applications and provide essential insights of how their app is getting used. As the data on the usage rate while identified thoroughly help the application marketers to allocate the resources to enhance the performance of the app and also drive user engagement.

 Retention Rate

Even if your application is thriving in the market, the marketers can get mind boggled when its amazingly performing era ends with time. So that’s why the apps must strive hard for the long time rather than greatness and also needs to be very high in functionality for high retention.

User retention is one such a factor which helps to maintain the success of the app for a long time because it gives the idea of the number of customers who have uninstalled the app after using it for several times and how many end users went on using it.

Untitled design (3)

  1. Loading Time

Time is essential in every domain, so the same applies to the app too. So, every app owner must create the app loading speed as fast as possible. If there is an issue in the application while using it and hinders the loading speed, there are possibilities of being uninstalled, and the user might switch to the app of your competitor. Thus, it is vital for the marketers to identify the loading speed of the apps and think about the inspection for enhancing it if it is running slow.

  1. Average Revenue per User

While the primary use of the application is to mint money out of it, there is also a factor too for measuring the income earned from it in the specific time. The App owners can recognize an overall picture of the success of the app by its average revenue per user statistics. It is the value which particular user offers to the app depending on the app price and other in-app purchases.

If you are searching for the best agency which can help to create a fabulous app for your business and experience success in each phase of the lifecycle, then Top Web India is ready to help you anytime. Our main mission is to help you find 100% authentic and best mobile app development companies in Gujarat. These adroit mobile app developers have gained experience in the industry and help you to step a level high at each phase of the business.


Social Networks How to Choose the Right One for Each Business?

Over the years, social networks have become essential tools to boost the growth of companies, as they are excellent channels to obtain greater visibility and to have a better closeness with customers if appropriate actions are used.

topwebindia degital marketing 2

However, although many organizations have decided to bet on this space obtaining positive results, others do not see how these tools can be useful, especially for the type of product or service they offer. And is that while social networks help spread, sell, communicate and expose the products or services of a company, that does not mean that all networks are useful for all businesses.

What should be taken into account to choose a social network?

In November 2017, the Pew Research Center published a study in which it revealed the user profile of each of the most popular social networks at the time. It is essential to take into account the target audience of a company, before choosing the appropriate platforms to publicize their products or services.

  • Facebook: In addition to having a large percentage of young people, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg also reaches audiences between 35 and 54 years. Similarly, 62% of Americans 65 and older already have an account on this social network.
  • Twitter: 71% of users range between 25 and 54 years old, and it is a very popular social network among communication professionals (journalists, publicists, etc).
  • Instagram: 60% of users of this platform are between 18 and 29 years old, but the majority are women.
  • LinkedIn: This social network is used by about 25% of the adult population, the vast majority of them are professionals with higher educationtopwebindia degital marketing

 Five practical tips for the correct use of social networks

After choosing the right social network (s) to reach the target audience, it is important to take into account some practical advice of best Digital Marketing Companies in India when starting to use these tools. Here are some of them:

  • Produce a content strategy, with regular and differentiated publications for each network.
  • Search for communication with users.
  • Humanize the brand, especially in the field of customer service.
  • Listen to complaints or complaints from users with attention, and offer a quick response.
  • Take advantage of the tools of top Digital Marketing Companies in India to know and understand the needs of customers.

Top SEO Companies in India for Seo Friendly Website?

SEOThe SEO architecture friendly is so far one of the main optimizations of your website among all those that can allow you to progress in the results of the search engines and all without taking the slightest risk for your site (because you may already have heard about the different penalties that Google applies to websites that do not comply with its policies).

How to make a site structure optimized for SEO?

To be optimal, your structure must include essential elements and highlight them.

What does your structure have to include?

To be able to perform well on Google and best SEO companies in India, your page must contain a minimum of text. It’s up to you to find the right chemistry so that texting is visually acceptable. We anticipate here some remarks to say that a page can quite position itself in the good category and in good position, even without text saying that yes, indeed, it is possible. But it will always be worse than text and more or it will require more time and effort (not to mention a possible additional risk) to achieve the same result.

SEO Company in India

In addition to a text that is semantically optimized according to your sector of activity, your page must contain links to other pages, also semantically optimized for the engine to understand that your page deals with a theme but that it can also to orient to additional content, which is also interesting for people interested in this topic.

In terms of structure, the code will have to be optimized too. If you want search engine bots to start reading content that will semantically help to classify your site in the right topics and to be in a good position on good queries, they must start by reading the essentials of content that is offered to the user and not dozens of lines of scripts and other CSS elements. The only elements that can appear in a good place and are not presented to the user are those whose function is to help the engine to categorize the page on which it is located, that is to say the structured data. We will consider here that the title tag is presented to the user, even if he does not pay attention once he is on the page, however, it is if it comes from a search engine, well and truly the first element presented to him.

Now that we have laid the groundwork for a site structure designed to perform well in SEO, we will see in more detail in future articles what are the different strategies and why not in more detail a technique. as the Siloing in presenting the concept, but also the many advantages. If the subject interests you, you can already go to SEO companies in India which will allow you to deepen this article.